Privacy Policy

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1. What, When, & Why

Your Web browser sends certain non-personally identifying information such as the name & version of your browser, your operating system, and the page you came from in the process of accessing each page on the website. This will be logged for my information.

Logging in and creating an account results in an identifier being collected. This will be used for the sole purpose of identifying you, and will not be shared or used to contact you under any circumstances. (If you want to be notified when I've done something neat, check out your options for subscribing.)

Certain games will save your game data to the website's server if you are logged in. I will analyze this information to see how people are doing in these games.

2. Your Choices

Avoid playing while logged in if you do not want your game data saved to the server.

Options for removing data from your account, including deleting the account itself, are at Account Options.

3. Changes to this Policy

Substantial changes to this policy will be announced on the front page of the website and the web feed.

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