GigaGaming Tips

Big games take big efforts to master. Let's talk strategy and tactics.

Minecraft (PC): With their damage-halving and arrow-blocking properties, and requirement of only one iron ingot, shields are your most important piece of defensive gear in the early and middle stages of equipment progression - but once you've got some diamond armor, Protection, and Projectile Protection, they cease being so important. You can save a hotbar space by keeping food in your offhand slot instead.

Rocket League (PC, also on PS4 & Xbox One): Doing nothing while waiting for an online match to be found is pretty boring - practicing while you wait is both more fun and helps you become a better player! When on the main menu screen, you can move away from the Matchmaking window and into Training, and whatever training mode you enter ends automatically when a match is found. Besides doing the 3 Training exercises, you can enter Free Play and just practice hitting the ball or flying around.

Pokémon X & Y (3DS): When you're enjoying the fast O-Power energy recharge that comes from walking a lot earlier in the day, you can connect to the Internet and give out O-Powers to Internet "passerby" players. This provides a fast way to earn Level 2 & 3 versions of those powers.

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