What's going on? + I'm on Ko-Fi!

It's been a while, hasn't it? One thing that's kept me away these past few months is a personal event that I don't wish to discuss with the general public, but suffice to say there was no focusing on any of my projects here while I was dealing with it. It's basically in the past now, but to get myself back in the groove, I've been working on one of my favorite projects - a browser extension called Deviant Love. If you're a DeviantArt user, give it a try - you'll see your Faves in a new way!

On another personal note, I'm going to be discussing brain chemistry with a professional psychiatrist soon, and if they're able to help me, I could get in better creative shape than I've been in for years. I am hype for that.

Lastly, I'm now accepting tips on Ko-Fi! If you'd like to support me on my creative journey, that's now one of your options to do so, though as always written support is a free option.