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...It's Japanese onomatopoeia for electricity! Don't you know anything besides Pokémon?!?
I have been informed that "pikapikapika" can refer to any sort of sparkling, not just that produced by electricity.

I am Pikadude No. 1, the manliest of girly men! Hear me SQUEE!
Back when I wrote this, I was interested in being "manly" by not caring what the public thinks of how girly I am. The name change to "Pixievolt" came after I decided I was no longer interested in manliness at all. Forum

The person below me has played the "The person below me" game, and therefore can fully appreciate this signature.
I had this signature mostly because it was that game that made me want to get an InsaniForum membership. It was in that game where I made my first two posts and began a long and wonderful friendship with the InsaniForum's residents (well, most of them).

Whatever you do, don't touch my avatar! I touched it once... and my hair still looks awesome!
Unkempt hair is part of my style. Back when I wore it short, it would get really wild on occasion.

I must protest against the tyranny of non-asked-for challenges! I won't just use in my posts, I'll use it in my signature!
Waaay back in the InsaniForum era in which this signature was adopted, there was a fad called challenges in which the participants had to fulfill a condition in every new post throughout the forum for the length of the challenge. My friend Speedy issued me a 2-week challenge in which the condition was to not use the emoticon. I hadn't asked for a challenge, so I adopted this sig. (It should be noted, though, that I wasn't really that mad, and I mean no hard feelings to Speedy.) Speedy pointed out that nothing oblidged me to actually accept a challenge, but I kept the signature for a little longer just for fun.

Whatever you do, don't look at my avatar! You will confuse me with Skyfallkavu!
Another InsaniForum fad from the same era was avatar trading: For a pre-determined time, two members would display each other's avatars as their own. I convinced my friend Skyfallkavu to trade with me for four days. Skyfallkavu was the "GOD OF PIE" because of the Pie Club he runs in his forum signature. I had to check with him to make sure it was "GOD" and not "GODDESS".

I was in the park one day, happily whistling. An alien asked me, "Why are you so happy?" And I told him, "I'm calorie-free!"
Turns out he was on a diet. :(
I adopted this signature after completing a challenge from my good friend k0zzmick_deemmin in which I had to write "And it's only 200 calories!" in every post. The challenge was fun but it got old quick.

My name is Count Dracula. I vant to drink your eggnog.

My name is Count Dracula. I vant to vish you a Merdy Chrdistmas.

My name is Count Dracula, and I love New Year's Eve! At thees time of year, you humans thrdow parties at night! It doesn't interfere with my sleep schedule!
The above three signatures were from December 2005. Mixing Halloween with December is just the twisted sort of thing I like to do.

My New Year's resolution is to act even crazier! WAGAWAGAWAGAWAGA!
I like setting realistic New Year's resolutions for myself.

Have you ever noticed that "electricity" rhymes with "eccentricity"? And I've got plenty of both.
Speedy made a good parody of this one by replacing "electricity" with "awesomeness" and "eccentricity" with "possumness".

I've solved the mystery! "Klaatu barada nicto" obviously means "Kittens are fuzzy".
"Kittens are fuzzy" is a popular phrase on the InsaniForum which became a fad after CarnivoreLover used it as a poll option. The fad's died down, but the phrase still pops up from time to time, preferably accompanied by a picture of an actual fuzzy kitten. As for "Klaatu barada nicto", I believe Wikipedia explains that better than I could.

"Raichu raichu rai rai?"
Translation: "How come I'm not as popular with the girls as I used to be?"
Too many Pokémon trainers are forced to choose between a super-cute electric Pokémon and a super-powerful electric Pokémon. They should have made Raichu ultra-cute.

C:\nhl\teams\>sjsharks.exe /playoffs Starting postseason... Winning Stanley Cup... 38% done An error occured attempting to delete dalstars.exe. [A]bort, [F]ail, [R]etry next year?
I created this signature at the start of the San Jose Sharks' run in the National Hockey League's 2008 Stanley Cup playoffs. The "% done" bit was dutifully kept updated until the Dallas Stars knocked out the Sharks. (Wins / 16 = % done.)

Sumotori Dreams wrestler: "Curse you for putting a pebble in my way! It's going to take me all afternoon to get back onto two feet!"
This of course refers to Sumotori Dreams, a game in which watching the wrestlers try to perform their after-game ritual is far more fun than the game itself.

"Grateful for your valiant efforts, I am. But in another castle, the Princess is." - The Yoda-Toad
My last signature before the InsaniForum went kaput. "Yoda-Toad" is fun to say.


Until rabbits and cats can be allowed to live together, to be together, we cannot stand as a united society.
Paid for by the Anthropomorphs For Heterospecies Marriages and
This signature was created while waiting for the Final Step of "There she is!!". While I was using this signature, I called for a marriage between a Snifit and a Birdo. It's pretty easy to argue that those species are made for each other.