Mazes of Menace Travel Brochure

Come visit the exciting and amazing Mazes of Menace, a set of maps created for Super Mario War 1.7 by Pikadude No. 1! Experience the thrill! Challenge your friends! Confuse the bots! (With the exception of Maze of Ice, the bots don't seem to handle these maps very well.)


These four mazes, related to the world of NetHack in name only, each provide their own unique challenges. Without further ado, they are:

Maze of Ice

Be careful in this slippery maze - you could slip to the other side of the screen! Slip down stairs and through the bottomless pit, and don't forget those items!

Maze of Morph

What's safe becomes dangerous in this ever-changing maze! Beware the lava pit with the disappearing bridge, the elevator that can squash you, and of course pretty much everything else...

Maze of Panic

It's a maze where everyone panics. You'll have a tough time finding a safe place in this wild maze! Items reward the daring, but you'll need to reach them before a rival does!

Maze of Sky

The happy clouds bring you happiness, and the moving platform brings you opportunities. Modes with their own items are instructed to always place them on a happy cloud or the center pillar - unfortunately, this prevents the Yoshi's Eggs mode from properly placing Yoshi.

Mazes of Menace Tour

As if the Mazes weren't crazy enough seperate, the Mazes of Menace Tour will really drive you nuts! This Tour is your six-step program to insanity (you and your friends will get to do the Maze of Panic and the Maze of Morph twice, you lucky people).


Ready to run around the Mazes of Menace? Download the zip file, then extract the files to wherever the Super Mario War data files are kept. For the Windows version, the data files are kept in the same folder as SuperMarioWar.exe. For the Linux version, the data files are kept in /usr/share/smw.

If you decide the Mazes of Menace are too menacing for you, check out the uninstallinstructions.txt file in the Mazes of Menace folder that came in the zip file.